What I Do

Healing Justice Consulting

I support organizations to incorporate healing justice practices into their culture and structure, including bringing tools for navigating conflict well, centering resilience and joy, and developing wellness plans and practices for leadership.

Somatic Coaching

The body is place through which we experience our lives. It is the holder of our stories and the place through which we act. I believe that in order to heal and to step into the leadership we are being called to embody we must address and heal the trauma that lives in our beings. I work with individuals remotely and in person to heal and reach their next level of contribution in the world. 

Retreats for Organizers

I also host writing and healing retreats in Kahalu'u, Hawaii for organizers and changemakers. Please let us know if you are interested in scheduling a time to visit us at The Portal.



Huffington post: Healing justice is how we sustain black lives

"Healing justice is the how of our movements – it’s the texture, the experience and the vision that guides us." 

black lives matter: tools for addressing conflict

In the work that we do, there are many times where conflict can arise. It is our duty to ensure that we are mindful of how we handle conflict as it is inevitable. It presents an opportunity to grow and realign oneself.  This toolkit was create to give guidelines to conflict resolution within chapters.

black lives matter: healing in action

This toolkit was created to collate, condense and share the lessons we have learned in ensuring that our direct actions are centered on healing justice.