Feeling Into Freedom

We have to recover the capacity to feel. And to name, necessarily, that which prevents and controls feeling.

Feelings run the world. Feelings decide things, call us into action, decide reality. Feelings are also where we are most malleable and vulnerable - so much is unconscious about them and so embedded are they in our bodies. Our feelings are manipulated daily/hourly. We become reactions, anxious, agitated, impulsive, overwhelmed and generally out of tune with our rhythm and the rhythms of life around us.

Our own feelings, the ones that originate in us, and can be understood by us are drowned out by the overlay, the racket of distractions that sit on top of who we are. We have to feel. We have to feel what is the deepest for us, the flowering of feeling, what is not yet known. We have to feel and come to know the organic process of feeling. Through doing that we can come to understand ourselves, the world, our time, this moment, in a way that is truthful and congruent to us/our bodies.

I honestly don’t always remember ‘what it means to be free’ or what ‘we’ mean when ‘we’ say it, but as far as I can tell it has a lot to do with feeling. To feel what has happened without punishment, to feel for each other, to not be made to feel what others can’t bear to feel, to feel proportionally and together, to have the time, space, resource to feel the exquisiteness of this life, to be felt as real, to be safe enough to feel vulnerability, grief, love.

Practice feeling, make a place for it. Start small if you need to, feel texture on your skin. Feel another’s hands on your back, feel some disappointment or sadness or satisfaction - whatever you avoid, feel a smile in your belly, feel desire. Feel. You are waiting to be known and the world is waiting to be felt.